My name is Megan. 19. I am a sister, a daughter, a brunette, a reader, a coffee drinker, an enjoyer of monochrome films, a photo editor/after care counselor, a scrappy runner, and most important of all I am a woman of God fearfully and wonderfully made.


To love someone is to show to them their beauty, their worth and their importance.

Jean Vanier (via onlinecounsellingcollege)

For if a strong back
and a heavy heart
have taught me anything,
it’s that love does not exist to
lighten our hearts,
love only exists to see
how much we will carry.

pavana (via maza-dohta)

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When you fail, don’t run away from God. Run boldly to Him, knowing that you are justified by the blood of Christ and not by your good behavior.

Joseph Prince (via maddyeline)


My heart swings back and forth between the need for routine and the urge to run.

(note to self)


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